Direct Download Free Sample Test Files

#1 Site to direct download test files for free either for speed test, testing your project, testing your device or internet capabilities, etc. With a Collection of 1000+  Ultra Hi-Speed Files with different Formats Supported. Format Include Audio, Video, Images, PDF,  ZIP, RAR, .bat, HTML, etc. Simply click on Download Button or Icon to start. We use Hi-Speed Server for our Files So Server Throttling is not an issue.  



This File Contains Videos of My Fav Video Content Creator – File Size is 5GB. The file is Hosted on Ultra High-Speed Cloudflare Server.
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More Speed & Bandwidth Testing Sample Files

MP4 Video Sample / Test Files Direct Download

8K & 4K - MP4 Video Sample / Test Files Direct Download

PDF Testfile / Sample Direct Download

Thats a Good Question : Sometimes we also use/need test file resources to test our product, services, devices, server file transffering Capability or to Comsume our Internet bandwith which provide by our ISP for Fun.

Our test files can also be used to measure download speed. Dummy files are useful even if there are many online programmes for measuring download speed, especially when you are measuring your actual internet speed using various applications like “Internet Download Manager or IDM”, or “Free Download Manager” etc.


Please be aware that downloading our test files counts toward the download usage cap set by your internet provider. Therefore, exercise caution when downloading huge files such as 10GB or 5GB bins, etc.

There are many reason to use test files like :-

  • To test you internet download speed “ISP Speed”
  • To Check Your fiver or normal Broadband connection speed.
  • To test your wifi Real Download Speed

As we Already say  There are many Reason.

What are test files?

Test files are used for many different purposes. From a programming perspective to testing devices such files are used to test units, code, server transffering speed, Software Testing, File uploading Script Testing, Remot Url Uploading Test, etc. However, the main use of our test files is to test downloading speed on different broadband or using tools.


Where can I download a large file?

Well we have a huge library of test files from very small to extra large like – 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 50GB, to 100GB. Simply click on “DOWNLOAD” button or Icon to start Download 


Is there any data stored inside our files?

Yes, “Except for .bin format files” our files contain data that’s why they called files. The real question is ” Is there any valueable data inside the files” and the answer for this question depend on you. If the data inside files are valuable for you its valuable if not its useless.


Can I test my internet speed using these files?

Why not? In fact, the main use of our test files is to test downloading speed.


How long does it take to download a large test file?

Actually downloading time depend on various factor 1 – your internet speed, 2 – Hardware (If your internet speed is 1Gbps and your Hard Disk or Storage Device writing/reading speed Is 100Mbps in that case your download speed will be slow ), 3 – Software (If you are using chrome instead of download manager software like FDM or IDM your download speed will be slightly slow compare to them  ), 4- Server (We use Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean Storage, Cloudflare R2 Storage & Bunny Storage to host our files So that’s why server is not problem “80 Tbps+
Network Capacity” )

We provide many types of file sizes like – 1MB, 2MB, 3MB, 4MB, 5MB, 6MB, 7MB, 8MB, 9MB, 10MB, 11MB, 12MB, 13MB, 14MB, 15MB, 16MB, 17MB, 18MB, 19MB, 20MB, 21MB, 22MB, 23MB, 24MB, 25MB, 26MB, 27MB, 28MB, 29MB, 30MB, 31MB, 32MB, 33MB, 34MB, 35MB, 36MB, 37MB, 38MB, 39MB, 40MB, 41MB, 42MB, 43MB, 44MB, 45MB, 46MB, 47MB, 48MB, 49MB, 50MB, 51MB, 52MB, 53MB, 54MB, 55MB, 56MB, 57MB, 58MB, 59MB, 60MB, 61MB, 62MB, 63MB, 64MB, 65MB, 66MB, 67MB, 68MB, 69MB, 70MB, 71MB, 72MB, 73MB, 74MB, 75MB, 76MB, 77MB, 78MB, 79MB, 80MB, 81MB, 82MB, 83MB, 84MB, 85MB, 86MB, 87MB, 88MB, 89MB, 90MB, 91MB, 92MB, 93MB, 94MB, 95MB, 96MB, 97MB, 98MB, 99MB, 100MB, 101MB, 102MB, 103MB, 104MB, 105MB, 106MB, 107MB, 108MB, 109MB, 110MB, 111MB, 112MB, 113MB, 114MB, 115MB, 116MB, 117MB, 118MB, 119MB, 120MB, 121MB, 122MB, 123MB, 124MB, 125MB, 126MB, 127MB, 128MB, 129MB, 130MB, 131MB, 132MB, 133MB, 134MB, 135MB, 136MB, 137MB, 138MB, 139MB, 140MB, 141MB, 142MB, 143MB, 144MB, 145MB, 146MB, 147MB, 148MB, 149MB, 150MB, 151MB, 152MB, 153MB, 154MB, 155MB, 156MB, 157MB, 158MB, 159MB, 160MB, 161MB, 162MB, 163MB, 164MB, 165MB, 166MB, 167MB, 168MB, 169MB, 170MB, 171MB, 172MB, 173MB, 174MB, 175MB, 176MB, 177MB, 178MB, 179MB, 180MB, 181MB, 182MB, 183MB, 184MB, 185MB, 186MB, 187MB, 188MB, 189MB, 190MB, 191MB, 192MB, 193MB, 194MB, 195MB, 196MB, 197MB, 198MB, 199MB, 200MB, 201MB, 202MB, 203MB, 204MB, 205MB, 206MB, 207MB, 208MB, 209MB, 210MB, 211MB, 212MB, 213MB, 214MB, 215MB, 216MB, 217MB, 218MB, 219MB, 220MB, 221MB, 222MB, 223MB, 224MB, 225MB, 226MB, 227MB, 228MB, 229MB, 230MB, 231MB, 232MB, 233MB, 234MB, 235MB, 236MB, 237MB, 238MB, 239MB, 240MB, 241MB, 242MB, 243MB, 244MB, 245MB, 246MB, 247MB, 248MB, 249MB, 250MB, 251MB, 252MB, 253MB, 254MB, 255MB, 256MB, 257MB, 258MB, 259MB, 260MB, 261MB, 262MB, 263MB, 264MB, 265MB, 266MB, 267MB, 268MB, 269MB, 270MB, 271MB, 272MB, 273MB, 274MB, 275MB, 276MB, 277MB, 278MB, 279MB, 280MB, 281MB, 282MB, 283MB, 284MB, 285MB, 286MB, 287MB, 288MB, 289MB, 290MB, 291MB, 292MB, 293MB, 294MB, 295MB, 296MB, 297MB, 298MB, 299MB, 300MB, 301MB, 302MB, 303MB, 304MB, 305MB, 306MB, 307MB, 308MB, 309MB, 310MB, 311MB, 312MB, 313MB, 314MB, 315MB, 316MB, 317MB, 318MB, 319MB, 320MB, 321MB, 322MB, 323MB, 324MB, 325MB, 326MB, 327MB, 328MB, 329MB, 330MB, 331MB, 332MB, 333MB, 334MB, 335MB, 336MB, 337MB, 338MB, 339MB, 340MB, 341MB, 342MB, 343MB, 344MB, 345MB, 346MB, 347MB, 348MB, 349MB, 350MB, 351MB, 352MB, 353MB, 354MB, 355MB, 356MB, 357MB, 358MB, 359MB, 360MB, 361MB, 362MB, 363MB, 364MB, 365MB, 366MB, 367MB, 368MB, 369MB, 370MB, 371MB, 372MB, 373MB, 374MB, 375MB, 376MB, 377MB, 378MB, 379MB, 380MB, 381MB, 382MB, 383MB, 384MB, 385MB, 386MB, 387MB, 388MB, 389MB, 390MB, 391MB, 392MB, 393MB, 394MB, 395MB, 396MB, 397MB, 398MB, 399MB, 400MB, 401MB, 402MB, 403MB, 404MB, 405MB, 406MB, 407MB, 408MB, 409MB, 410MB, 411MB, 412MB, 413MB, 414MB, 415MB, 416MB, 417MB, 418MB, 419MB, 420MB, 421MB, 422MB, 423MB, 424MB, 425MB, 426MB, 427MB, 428MB, 429MB, 430MB, 431MB, 432MB, 433MB, 434MB, 435MB, 436MB, 437MB, 438MB, 439MB, 440MB, 441MB, 442MB, 443MB, 444MB, 445MB, 446MB, 447MB, 448MB, 449MB, 450MB, 451MB, 452MB, 453MB, 454MB, 455MB, 456MB, 457MB, 458MB, 459MB, 460MB, 461MB, 462MB, 463MB, 464MB, 465MB, 466MB, 467MB, 468MB, 469MB, 470MB, 471MB, 472MB, 473MB, 474MB, 475MB, 476MB, 477MB, 478MB, 479MB, 480MB, 481MB, 482MB, 483MB, 484MB, 485MB, 486MB, 487MB, 488MB, 489MB, 490MB, 491MB, 492MB, 493MB, 494MB, 495MB, 496MB, 497MB, 498MB, 499MB, 500MB, 501MB, 502MB, 503MB, 504MB, 505MB, 506MB, 507MB, 508MB, 509MB, 510MB, 511MB, 512MB, 513MB, 514MB, 515MB, 516MB, 517MB, 518MB, 519MB, 520MB, 521MB, 522MB, 523MB, 524MB, 525MB, 526MB, 527MB, 528MB, 529MB, 530MB, 531MB, 532MB, 533MB, 534MB, 535MB, 536MB, 537MB, 538MB, 539MB, 540MB, 541MB, 542MB, 543MB, 544MB, 545MB, 546MB, 547MB, 548MB, 549MB, 550MB, 551MB, 552MB, 553MB, 554MB, 555MB, 556MB, 557MB, 558MB, 559MB, 560MB, 561MB, 562MB, 563MB, 564MB, 565MB, 566MB, 567MB, 568MB, 569MB, 570MB, 571MB, 572MB, 573MB, 574MB, 575MB, 576MB, 577MB, 578MB, 579MB, 580MB, 581MB, 582MB, 583MB, 584MB, 585MB, 586MB, 587MB, 588MB, 589MB, 590MB, 591MB, 592MB, 593MB, 594MB, 595MB, 596MB, 597MB, 598MB, 599MB, 600MB, 601MB, 602MB, 603MB, 604MB, 605MB, 606MB, 607MB, 608MB, 609MB, 610MB, 611MB, 612MB, 613MB, 614MB, 615MB, 616MB, 617MB, 618MB, 619MB, 620MB, 621MB, 622MB, 623MB, 624MB, 625MB, 626MB, 627MB, 628MB, 629MB, 630MB, 631MB, 632MB, 633MB, 634MB, 635MB, 636MB, 637MB, 638MB, 639MB, 640MB, 641MB, 642MB, 643MB, 644MB, 645MB, 646MB, 647MB, 648MB, 649MB, 650MB, 651MB, 652MB, 653MB, 654MB, 655MB, 656MB, 657MB, 658MB, 659MB, 660MB, 661MB, 662MB, 663MB, 664MB, 665MB, 666MB, 667MB, 668MB, 669MB, 670MB, 671MB, 672MB, 673MB, 674MB, 675MB, 676MB, 677MB, 678MB, 679MB, 680MB, 681MB, 682MB, 683MB, 684MB, 685MB, 686MB, 687MB, 688MB, 689MB, 690MB, 691MB, 692MB, 693MB, 694MB, 695MB, 696MB, 697MB, 698MB, 699MB, 700MB, 701MB, 702MB, 703MB, 704MB, 705MB, 706MB, 707MB, 708MB, 709MB, 710MB, 711MB, 712MB, 713MB, 714MB, 715MB, 716MB, 717MB, 718MB, 719MB, 720MB, 721MB, 722MB, 723MB, 724MB, 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These Files are present in Diffrent types Format you can download or locate them by searching them in search bar.

Yes! 100% It’s Completely Safe To Download These Test Files. Before Uploading We have scanned our all test files. These Files are 100% safe To Download.

Downloading our files is easy, simply click on DOWNLOAD button or ICON (like 10GB, 5GB, 1GB, 512MB, 200MB, 100MB, 50MB, 20MB, 10MB, 5MB, 2MB, 1MB) above and it will start downloading the file. All of our files are served over HTTPS “S stand for Security, Protected By SSL”, FTP Protocol will be added soon.


We have stored our files on Ultra High-Speed (80 Tbps+
Network Capacity) servers without any limit. So your internet connection will be on full while downloading.

If the download doesn’t begin, right-click on the Download Button, choose “copy link address,” then paste the URL into the box that appears, or choose “open link in new tab.”


Open the link in a private window, however, if you see a “unauthorised” or “forbidden” problem. Because we stop automatic downloading and stop bots from doing repetitive tasks,