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100GB Very Large Test File Speed Test

4d : 23h : 18m : 16sec @ 2Mbps | 23h : 51m : 39sec @ 10Mbps | 

5h : 57m : 54sec @ 40Mbps | 2h : 23m : 9sec @ 100Mbps | 

0h : 28m : 37sec @ 500Mbps | 0h : 14m : 18sec @ 1Gbps | 

Testfile.org We provide various types of test or sample files that are free to use and free to download to test or check your internet service, project, or product. We provide files from 1MB to 200GB in different types of formats. video, audio, pdf, etc. from small files to large files to extra large files

Users can use these files to test their download speeds from our servers by using them. You can also perform a speed test, but if you want to do so with a variety of tools, downloading files might be helpful.

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