M2V is a digital video file format that is commonly used for storing and sharing MPEG-2 video content. It is a video-only format, meaning that it does not include any audio or other data. M2V files use the MPEG-2 video codec to compress video data, which provides high-quality video playback with relatively small file sizes. The format is commonly used for video editing and authoring applications, as it can be easily imported into video editing software without the need to extract audio or other data. M2V files can be played back on a variety of media players, including Windows Media Player, VLC, and QuickTime, and can also be converted to other more widely supported video formats like MP4 or AVI using compatible media conversion software. Overall, M2V is a useful video file format for storing and sharing MPEG-2 video content, particularly for use in video editing and authoring applications where a video-only format is required.